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Terms & Conditions

Document Overview:
This briefing document is meant for the students joining GigBag a venture of TeachTribe OPC Private Limited.
Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully before enrolling for any course with us and print off a copy for your records. We provide online classes for all age groups. By enrolling for a course, you are confirming your agreement to be bound by our Terms & Conditions. 

These terms and conditions are a contract between you (learner) and GigBag a venture of TeachTribe OPC Private Limited.

Kindly read and understand all the terms & conditions as per TeachTribe OPC Pvt. Ltd. before signing this agreement:

Please note:

If this document is not in a language that you can understand, you shall contact TeachTribe OPC Pvt. Ltd. at contact@gigbag.info. Failure to do so within 12 (twelve) hours from the time of receipt of this document shall be considered as your understanding of this document.

In the case of a minor below the age of (16), the guardian/parents need to read these Terms & Conditions carefully and sign the agreement form on behalf of the minor.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Services:

 We provide online classes under various categories for all age groups. We also provide musical instruments on rent and repair musical instruments services in Pune. We have special courses for preschool, child development and child behavior. You can book a child counseling session with our child consultant. 

TeachTribe OPC Pvt. Ltd. is engaged in the business of providing educational services. The TeachTribe OPC Pvt. Ltd. has represented that the “Service Provider” fulfills the eligibility criteria and is in compliance with all applicable laws for the provision of education services through our GigBag Portal.


A “Service Provider” who is a teacher/freelancer/part-time faculty member or desirous of listing himself/herself on the GigBag Portal has to sign this “Service Provider” agreement.

The “Service Provider” needs to submit their identification documents, complete the KYC on the GigBag Portal. The “Service Provider” background verification is done before onboarding them. The “GigBag” hereby represents that the “Service Provider” has read and understood our T&C fully.

2. Music Instruments on rent:
We provide musical instruments for rent in Pune and Bangalore. The music instruments of any model/type may be either provided by GigBag on rent or the student can also have their own instrument(s). 

In case of rental instrument student hereby agrees that instrument(s) shall be in a proper condition during the service/deliverables without being any exceptions whatsoever. Any functionality issues in the instruments should be reported to the support team, immediately. The need to report the issue within 24 hours. Any delay in reporting after the stipulated time, the student will bear all the expenses of instrument repair. In the event, the Product(s) is stolen or damaged beyond repair, the “Student(s)” shall be liable to pay TeachTribe OPC Pvt. Ltd. the market price of the product(s). The minor scratches shall be considered as normal wear and tear. The extent of damage will be ascertained by comparing the quality control document signed at the time of allocation of the musical instrument.

If it is found that in any product(s), any substandard parts are used, or repair carried out by any person not authorized by TeachTribe OPC Pvt. Ltd., then a penalty may be levied as per the policy of TeachTribe OPC Pvt. Ltd. Any removal, alteration, disfiguring, or cover up any numbers, lettering, or insignia displayed on any product(s) shall be considered as damage to the product(s) and shall be chargeable against the “Student(s).”

3. Confidentiality:

The undertakes to keep confidential all data and other confidential information of and shall not sell or otherwise make that information available to any third party. In the event, becomes aware that the Confidential Information has been disclosed to a Competitor or has been used for the benefit/interest of the Competitor, can claim such direct and indirect damages as it may suffer due to such losses.

For the utmost safety of our staff, teachers, and students(or anyone associated with GigBag) personal information(contact numbers, email, and address)  is shared only with the GigBag team. The student and teacher are not supposed to share their number.

Everything will be communicated through a proper channel(google classroom or GigBag APP). 

4.  Ownership:

The Confidential Information, including but not limited to all intellectual property rights such as company name, logos, product(s) and service names, trademarks, services marks, or other indicia of ownership (), shall remain the property of GigBag.

The agrees that it shall not reproduce, transcribe or make any copies of the, in any form or manner and not copy, or attempt to derive the composition or underlying information, structure, or ideas of any such.

The should not use the website and/or our services for unlawful or prohibited purposes, including the posting of false information onto the website, copy the whole (or part) of the contents for other use, either personal or commercial.

5. Payment Terms:
A. Course Fee:
5.1 In order to enroll for any online classes or for child counseling sessions you must provide the required information and pay the amount specified in advance. The class will not be commenced without payment.
5.2 You must ensure that all information provided is authentic and accurate.
5.3 Where your order consists of multiple courses, each individual course will be treated by TeachTribe OPC Pvt. Ltd. as a separate offer to purchase.

5.4 Before a Contract comes into existence between you and us, we reserve the right to increase or decrease the advertised course fee and/or to amend any of the information contained in the course description.   

B. Payment Method: online payment only(Gpay, Paytm, or bank transfer) No cash payment is accepted. You need to do the payment only in the shared bank details or pgay/Paytm.

The Course Fee for any Course at any given time and any additional delivery charges payable in relation to the delivery of Course Materials, if applicable, will be updated to you by TeachTribe OPC Pvt. Ltd. customer services representative.  

If you cancel your course order you shall only be entitled to a refund up to 24 hours after fee submission no amount will be refunded after this stipulated time.

All bookings and payments need to be done via GigBag Portal in advance at least 4 days before start of the class. 


6. Critical and Behavioral Terms:

As a “Student(s)” you are expected to be punctual and maintain professional conduct at all times. You are expected to communicate effectively with the “Service Provider.” Any queries need to address appropriately and professionally. You must not discuss about commercials agreement with the “teacher/trainer/freelancer.”  

In case of minor the guardian/parent need to make sure the professional conduct of classes. We understand your concern as a parent so the background verification is done properly before onboarding our teacher(s).

Our teacher(s) need to sign an agreement of TeachTribe OPC Pvt. Ltd. mentioning strict guidelines for the professional conduct of classes.

The TeachTribe OPC Pvt. Ltd. has the right to terminate your classes at any time if, in our view, there has been a breach of the agreement, abuse of the services, or any behavioral issues with the teacher(s). You must provide TeachTribe OPC Pvt. Ltd. with one day notice if you are not able to attend a class, so that message can be conveyed to the teacher(s). If you are unable to attend class due to illness, then you must telephone and speak with a member of the Teach Tribe OPC Pvt. Ltd., providing as much advance notice as possible prior to the start of your class. Advance notice of 1 week is required for all planned holidays. The “Student(s)” will get a fee concession for the student referral program as per TeachTribe OPC Pvt. Ltd.


In case of any sexual harassment complaint from the teacher(s)/student(s)/guardian/parent the “Service Provider” registration/membership will be canceled immediately and strict actions will be taken against students. Any complaint of such type will be taken strictly, everyone associated with the TeachTribe OPC Pvt. Ltd. needs to conduct business ethically and in a well-professional manner.

8. Notices:

Any notices, requests, and other communications required hereunder shall be in writing in the English language and may be sent by email to contact@gigbag.info

9. Non-performance:
Our online classes are completely performance-based. If the teacher fails to perform as per expectations, we provide you with the new teacher till you meet the learning satisfaction. The student(s) are also expected to complete the assignment provided to them on time and the performance of the student(s) will be checked regularly.
10. Entire Agreement:
This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement for our online classes. This agreement is between and with respect to the subject matter of this agreement and supersedes all prior agreements, term sheets, and communications whether oral or written.

11. Further Assurances:

Both the “Parties” agree to do all acts and submit all documents necessary to give effect to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. 


12. Language:

Governing language of this Agreement, any method of communication and any notices under this Agreement shall be entirely in English.


13. Dispute Resolution:

If at any time, during the period or after expiration/termination of this Agreement, any dispute/difference arises between the “Parties” hereto the same shall be resolved, in the first instance, through co-operation and mutual understanding between the “Parties.”

14. Interpretation:

In this Agreement:

  1. Words imparting singular shall include plural and vice versa. 

  2. Words imparting any gender shall include all genders. 

  3. Words imparting persons shall include bodies corporate.

  4. the words include and including are to be considered without limitation.

  5. All Schedules, Annexures, supplements or any papers, documents attached, and/or annexed to this Agreement shall form an integral part of this Agreement.


This Agreement shall commence on _____________________ and shall remain valid till the stipulated time of the course completion as per Agreement.

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